Is our firm right for you?

Doing an internship because you have to is hardly the right motivation.

Articling for the sake of articling, that is hardly the right motivation. We’re looking for talented individuals who are confident in their opinions and have strong personalities capable of defending their ideas and taking initiative. That’s what it means to be a lawyer at Spiegel Sohmer and that’s what we hope you will be when you work here.

Real life law

Just because you are a student does not mean we will tuck you away in a corner. You will quickly be asked to exercise your talents alongside our lawyers, whether that means meeting with clients, pleading a case in front of a court, drafting a contract or taking part in negotiations. You will interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds who will broaden your field of expertise in an open and collegial atmosphere. 

At Spiegel Sohmer, there is no formal rotation between areas of law; you will manage your own work alongside lawyers who work in the fields that most interest you. You will be supervised, of course, but you will be largely in control of the success of your internship. You will have to learn to manage your time and you will have a target of 1,700 billable hours per year.


  • Unique benefits

    Spiegel Sohmer offers a number of advantages seldom seen in other Montreal firms. Here are a few:

  1. A level of responsibility that is limited only by your abilities
  2. Possibility of rapid advancement according to your aptitudes
  3. No fixed minimum number of years before eligibility for partnership
  4. Possibility of developing your own clientele with the firm’s support
  • Qualities we look for

    Being a lawyer involves presenting one’s opinion and then defending it.  That’s why we look for law students who know how to make and justify a decision. In return, we listen to your ideas and weigh them on their merits, no matter your age or number of years of experience. Here is what we think makes a great articling student:

  1. confidence in yourself and your capabilities
  2. capacity to learn
  3. ability to excel at multiple tasks
  4. intellectual agility
  5. an open mind
  6. initiative
  7. excellent communication skills
  8. a desire to counsel business people
  9. ability to work with others

Meet our articling students and students

Yves-Marie Cousseillant – Ottawa University (Student)

Leah Friedman – Université de Montréal (Student)

Joseph Libertella – Ottawa University (Student)

Andrea Durango – Université de Montréal (Articling student)

Maria Nickoletopoulos – Ottawa University (Articling student)




How to apply?

  • Step 1 Review of applications

    Most of our students are selected during the winter recruiting campaign among second-year university students. We also accept students after their first year of studies, or “latecomers” if their qualifications are exceptional.  In addition to academic results, we are interested in your activities (travel, interests, employment history) and anything that might demonstrate how your personality is a good match for our values.

    Our advice

  • Step 2 Selection and interview

    We invite about 40 students to individual interviews with our lawyers.  The goal: to gauge your ability to express yourself, to provide clear, cohesive answers, and to defend your opinions on a variety of subjects.

    Our advice

  • Step 3 Second interview

    We invite the very best candidates to meet a number of the firm’s shareholders. At this stage, we know you’ll make a great articling student , but we want to make sure you’re the one that will flourish here. Will you have the enthusiasm and self-assurance to be a great fit for our team?

    Our advice


To apply during the course aux stages, we invite you to send your cover letter, CV and a copy of your latest academic transcripts to Me Alexander Zagalski using the viRecruit portal.


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Spiegel Sohmer offers its interns a competitive salary linked to performance. Our employment policy excludes all discrimination based on race or ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status and all other forms of illegal discrimination.


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