We have worked with entrepreneurs and decision makers for over 50 years.

Every day we help people like you create, grow and deliver value. We speak your language. We share your concerns.

At Spiegel Sohmer, we employ a global, 360° approach to turning legal problems into business opportunities and solutions you may never have imagined possible.  Our strength and intellectual rigour in tax law, intellectual property, business law, litigation, real estate law and succession help maximize the return on your investment.

Our approach

  • InnovationStronger together

    Our comprehensive knowledge of law permits us to offer sound and financially efficient solutions in a tax-efficient manner. Drawing on our gifted, multidisciplinary team, we bring an innovative perspective to every aspect of the law.

  • EntrepreneurshipWe are all business

    To address your concrete business needs, we spare you the impenetrable jargon and never-ending debate. You obtain practical, result-oriented solutions in simple, transparent language, with a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

  • Standing by
    there, alwaysRight size, right attitude

    We deliver quick and easy-to-understand solutions while offering a complete range of business-focused legal services. The most fruitful, productive business relationships are rooted in confidence, respect and a mutual interest in your success.


Our mission

Providing comprehensive, creative and state of the art legal solutions on a timely basis to mainly private corporate clients and their shareholders in order to support and enhance the outcome of their business goals and challenges.


A culture born of experience

Our firm was established in 1967, when it operated under the name Spector Kravitz. Our name has undergone changes along the way, but our fundamental values have remained etched in stone: the incessant quest for excellence, the strong desire for independence, and deep roots in the Montreal business community.

Le cabinet a été façonné par ses principaux leaders, soient les regrettés Me Ruben Spector et Me Murray Spiegel, ainsi que Me David Sohmer et Me Robert Raich qui sont toujours actifs.

The firm was founded and shaped by its principals, the late Reuben Spector and Murray Spiegel, and David Sohmer who remains active.

Today, we continue our long history of innovation, entrepreneurship, and working closely with our clients, which has been our trademark for more than 50 years.

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