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Yves Dulude Quoted in an Article on the Amendments to Quebec’s Act Respecting Labour Standards in Les Affaires

May 15th, 2019

Yves Dulude, a partner in the litigation group at Spiegel Sohmer, was recently quoted in an article entitled “Combien coûteront les mesures de la nouvelle loi ?’’ that appeared in the publication Les Affaires.

In the article, Yves explains that most of the new standards will not greatly change what is already being done in business, because during labor shortages, many SMEs have already incorporated most of these measures to attract talent.

For him, the real challenge of these new measures is the part that relates to psychological and sexual harassment. "It was already difficult for employees to obtain the evidence and witnesses necessary to file a complaint within 90 days; now, the two-year deadline will create headaches for employers."

To read the full article (in French only) click here.