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A born-to-be litigator, Jason’s passion for law and unrelenting drive for his clients are unmatched.

He is a shareholder in our Civil and Commercial Litigation Practice Group, valued and recognized for his responsiveness, efficiency, creativity, and remarkable dedication to his cases.

He is an assertive and versatile trial lawyer with over a decade of experience in hotly contested civil, commercial, and employment disputes before the Quebec Courts and Administrative Tribunals in first instance and at the Appellate level.  Jason truly excels at solving multifaceted commercial disputes.

He represents companies of all sizes and stages of growth from across North America with respect to highly complex litigation, including:

  • Shareholder disputes and oppression remedies under federal and provincial legislation;
  • Safeguard orders and remedies against fraud, including Paulian actions and seizures before judgment;
  • Injunctive relief such as Mareva injunctions, Anton Piller orders, and enforcement of restrictive covenants; and
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes.

Jason’s meticulously tailored approach can be best compared to a game of chess. Having a long-term vision, refraining from pushing his pawns without a calculated purpose, and anticipating the foreseeable consequences of his actions are the keys to his practice. The formulation of a diverse number of strategies and a concrete exit plan enables him to avoid the risk of costly measures, while simultaneously providing his clients with a wide range of possibilities.

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