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Press release COVID

Mar 13th, 2020

As the health and safety of our members, our clients and our suppliers remain paramount, we have developed a pandemic policy which was deployed on March 9. This policy applies to our employees who become ill or who may have been infected with the virus in addition to limiting professional travel. We are taking into account as well personal travel to reduce risks.

Our firm will remain open and we will continue to service our clients (existing and new) to the best of our abilities. Our members are also equipped to work remotely, if necessary. Our systems and data are secure.

In addition to our policy, we are implementing the following measures to take effect as at March 16:

We will avoid in-person meetings on our premises and consider organizing a conference call where such an alternative is available.

In circumstances where an in-person meetings are required, the following guidelines will apply:

  • Meetings with external parties must have a valid and compelling business reason.
  • We will ask all guests the following questions before attending a meeting at our offices:
  1. Have you returned from travelling from another country in the last 14 days; and
  2. Are you ill or exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath)?

Should the answer to either of those questions be yes, the meeting will be postponed or converted to a conference call.

  • If a meeting is taking place at our premises, we will ensure that all parties have sufficient distance between them (at least 2 meters).
  • Our employees are not permitted to attend any external work-related events where there are more than 10 people present.
  • All internal face to face group meetings are cancelled and converted into conference calls.

Best wishes and stay healthy.

Morris Jacobson, Managing shareholder