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What we do for a living

Feb 1st, 2017

By Alexandre Dufresne

Reflecting on the core value we bring to your business

At Spiegel Sohmer, on our 50thanniversary, we decided to do a little refresh of our brand image… and then go one better.

At 50, we thought it was time to take a step back and look at what makes us unique on the market, so we can better communicate a clear proposition to our clients, one that dovetails with their business reality.

Our first instinct was to showcase our capabilities and experience. Yes, we employ a top notch team of tax specialists with a longstanding reputation. Yes, our litigators have a stellar track record of success. Yes, our commercial lawyers have helped hundreds of clients succeed, from blue-chip companies to start-ups. Just as a great CV never really closes the sale on a candidate, we think it is important to explore at greater depth what makes Spiegel Sohmer the firm it is.

The value we deliver, the values we espouse.

What exactly do we do? What is our key value-adding role in serving our clients? One theme is consistently apparent: when it comes to our legal expertise, at Spiegel Sohmer, we do the heavy lifting.

That’s it in a nutshell. We stand armed and ready to address your company’s most daunting business challenges on every front. The things that keep you up at night – that’s what we thrive on. At Spiegel Sohmer, we have consistently stood out in the market because we can take off our lawyer’s glasses and see matters from a business’s point of view. That’s where we shine. That’s how we connect. 

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and working closely with our clients are the three pillars of the Spiegel Sohmer experience. We work hard to understand your business priorities and your growth plans, and we see the intrinsic value of close collaboration on every file.

Flying new colours

We started out with this strategic reflection on what we do and why, and, by enlisting the services of design firm Écorce, this paved the way to changing the outward expression of our brand and the tools we use to communicate.

Two colours dominate our new brand: orange and anthracite.

Orange is about energy, warmth and passion.

Anthracite is calm, cerebral, focused.

They are expressions of both facets of our professional character: a team ready to listen to and understand a client’s reality, while bringing profound expertise and the highest level of preparation to the table.   

Prestigious and contemporary, agile and modern, our new communication tools reflect our clients’ experience. Spiegel Sohmer is not an ivory tower filled with legal theorists. It is a firm that is plugged in to the local business community, with an informal atmosphere where a multitalented team exchanges ideas. That is another aspect of what sets us apart.

Useful, relevant content

We’re proud to introduce our Ideas section, where this text appears.  It is where our lawyers share their thoughts and advice and where essential reference materials for our clients are close at hand, saving you the effort of searching for them. Ideas is where we sift through the legal topics of the day and post only what is relevant to business. 

If you haven’t already done so, take a tour of our new website and share any comments you might have with us. The firm you know hasn’t changed, but how we express ourselves and the visual identity we employ has, all in step with today’s digital reality.

At Spiegel Sohmer, we are ready for the next decade of success at your side.